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We are 19 today at our favorite coffee shop . The last meeting before the summer vacations ~
(We have met 3 years ago Thanks to Kpop XD)
Ps:it easy understand where is my seat

[NEWS] SHINee's Taemin to have a Solo Debut in August, Now in Final Phrase of Preparation →


On 25 July, According to the Entertainment Source, SHINee Taemin is preparing for a solo debut album, and is currently preparing in full swing for final work. Although the release schedule is not confirmed, it aims to release in mid of August.

According to the sources, Taemin went to Los…

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Yes yes I understand the same thing about her situation ! But what kind of bad words they are saying to her?
It s ok if you don t like an idol but there is no need to attack the idol directly/personally! !!they are human being first of all!

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Omg really??? I m at a coffee shop with friends so I m reading nothing !!! Wah I m so excited *_* it’s a kinda weird (?) But I m happy!!! But I ve said to you that in my opinion he was really preparing for the solo bc shinee can do a comeback because of Jinki ‘s surgey

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Nooo anon she was sitting with her friends XD it has been really embarrasing >\

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Aww you are welcome ! Ohohoh lucky you XD at first I thought I ve failed bc the code didn’t arrive so I didn t do the tutorial soon o3o

Who arrives before all her friends to the coffee shop and starts to greeting and talk with a girl , thinking she is her friend’s sister but she is not??? I swear I wanted to die for embarasse *cries

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Hi anon!
As I ve said several times I m not a fx fan, I don’t follow them so I m not so informed about them but I find Sulli pretty so I m curious of this situation too…A friend said to me yesterday that among this mean rumors there is one that says she’s pregnant and based on this SM’sstatement I think that there are not rumors about disband or she leaving the group but malicious and mean rumors about her only !!!! She gets sick and/or depressed because of what people are saying about her but not being in the fandom I can t know what netizen are saying !!!

[Trans] SM’s Statement Regarding f(x) Promotions

as well as far-from-truth rumors she’s been receiving, Sulli has been feeling worn-out physically and mentally. Because of that, she has asked the company to let her take a break from public activities. With the intention to protect its artist/s, this company has decided to keep (Sulli’s) activities to a minimum and take a break for now. Red Light promotions will wrap up this week.

Victoria, Amber, Krystal, and Luna will continue their individual activities. f(x) (as four?) will also perform in the SMTown concert and overseas promotions.

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I’m officially missing you ♥

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